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Alwyne Diary
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December 1942
11th Mild day. Windy but bright intervals. Dad gave big lawn a last cut. Dad found 6/- (11.11 in 2010) in town. War hanging fire, nothing much happening.
10th Dull windy day but mild 50 degrees. Did not feel so well. Did not go out except to walk round garden and pick a white rose. Heavy raid on Turin last night.
9th Glorious day. Mild 50 degrees. Sunny all day Just like Spring. Went to Dr.'s in morning and had stitches taken out, was there for 2 hours. In afternoon went for lovely walk in sunshine along back of Union (Stanway Union Workhouse). Vera has got scratchy throat. Thinks she may have a cold. Turin raided last night, one missing. Big lot gone out tonight.
8th Nice day. Mild with some sun 54 degrees. Went out twice. Heavy snow in Russia. Germans have been repulsed in Tunisia after penetrating our positions.
7th Windy and mild, a little sun this morning which I went out in. Vera went to town in afternoon. 9 bombers missing from heavy raid on Germany last night. Heavy armoured fighting in Tunisia.
6th Beautiful mild sunny day 48 degrees. Went out a little way in sun. Biggest daylight raids of war on Holland and France. Nearly 100 R.A.F. bombers raided Phillips Wireless Factory in Holland, 12 missing. 2 other bombers and 1 out of 400 fighters lost. Big force going out tonight. Had nice chicken for dinner.
5th Pouring wet morning. Dr. had told me to go and see him but when I got out on pavement I felt so shaky and it was so wet that I funked it (slang for 'became frightened') and came back. Vera went and rang up Dr. and he called at to 2. Broke out nice sunny afternoon.
4th Glorious sunny day. Got up in afternoon and came downstairs. Feeling stiff and shaky.
3rd Had a bad night, hardly any sleep. Head bad. Stayed in bed all day. Cold and frosty. Ice on windows downstairs and on but. First really sharp frost.
2nd The great day. Went off to Hospital on 3 o'clock bus. When I got there, they said the Casualty Officer was going to do me. However, the old boy (Dr. Wirth ?) turned up at 3.35 and did the job and brought me home in his car. Had a bad time. Lovely sunny day but cold.
1st Spent the day in bed, waiting for tomorrow. Not much ear news. Russian offensives have been slowed down by increased German resistance but German Army west of Stalingrad is reported to be encircled. First Army is held up by stiff resistance 20 miles from Bizerta (Bizerte) and Tunis. Warning just before dark 4.30 - 5.15 p.m.
November 1942
30th Lovely sunny day. Had Doctor. Have got to go to Hospital on Wed, for op. Oh Dear. Oh Dear. 5 raids this month. Total now 603.
29th Not a bad day but rained in evening. I got up at tea time. Heard Churchill broadcast. First Army has cut railway between Bizerte and Tunis. Russians have launched new offensives on central front. Turin heavily raided, 100,000 incendiaries and 8000 lb bombs dropped. Cut nice lettuce.
28th Dull day. Stayed in bed all day Dad cut the lawns.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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