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Alwyne Diary
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December 1943
12th Dull and cold with East wind. Stayed in afternoon. George had a mouse.
11th Cold day. Light covering of snow this morning and snow showers. Cold East wind. First snow this winter. Had intended going to town this afternoon but it was too cold and miserable. Americans bombed Emden today. 138 German fighters shot down to 17 bombers and 3 fighters.
10th Dull and misty at first but cold N.E. wind got up and cleared away the clouds and fog. Have had a rare old time this evening. Siren went 7.5 - 8.25 p.m. At about past 7 the guns began to go and planes came over no end. Guns were banging away and planes diving about for hour without stopping. Heard 2 big lots of bombs blunder on back door. Four bombs were dropped in Castle park. Four Dorniers were shot down out of about 20, three by one Mosquito.
9th Dull and cold. Rev. Arnold called in afternoon.
8th Dull and foggy. Mother got up in evening to celebrate her birthday. No news of any importance.
7th Foggy day. Went down to Village Hall and sung Br. James Air. Roosevelt and Churchill meeting President of Turkey in Cairo. Germans reported to be rushing troops to Turkish Frontier. Mother kept in bed all day. Dad went to town to get some fish and all he could get was a 4s. one, alive. (4shillings = 6.92 in 2010).
6th Cold day. Mother taken with bad pain. Had to send for Dr. Did not come till late and was just going as I got home. Big news of meeting between Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. Full agreement reached on plans for final assault on Germany. Dr. has given us a certificate for mother to have a pint of milk a day for a month.
5th Sharp frost with a little ice on windows for first time but nice day and milder. No news.
4th Cold East wind but very clear and sunny all day. Went to town in afternoon and did Christmas shopping. 5th Army has started offensive in Italy. 1500 tons dropped on Leipzig last night, 23 missing.
3rd Cold day. Big raid on Berlin last night. 1500 tons dropped, 44 bombers lost. Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin reported to be meeting in Persia. R.A.F. dropped 13,000 tons on Germany in November. 127,500 tons dropped so far this year with loss of 2,083 night bombers.
2nd Wet morning but nice and sunny in afternoon, mild. The big news is out today. Churchill, Roosevelt and Chaing (Generalissimo Chaing Kai-shek of the Republic of China) have met in Cairo and made plans for the defeat of Japan. Eighth Army pursuing Germans.
1st White frost but lovely sunny day. Quite springlike. Good news today. Eighth Army has broken through German winter line in Italy. Special Communique issued late last night. Have just had a jerry-go-round. Siren went 7.55 - 8.45 p.m. Jerry came right over and went round making a real old lumbering noise. The guns fired at it. Big debate in House of Commons on release of Oswald Moseley. (Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley, 6th Baronet - British Politician/British Fascist/Founder of British Union of Fascists. Released from internment but spent the rest of the war under house arrest).
November 1943
30th Dull and rainy early but brightened up. Rather cold. Lots of bombers about in morning, going out to bomb Germany. Eighth Army have broken into German lines in Italy. Lots of peace rumours about. Fortress crashed at Wormingford this morning while going out to Germany. Crew were seen to bale out. 11 raids this month. Total 759.
29th Colder but brighter. Had raid in night 2 - 2.30 a.m. Had to scramble up, sound asleep. Heard 2 bombs dropped near Terling. (W. of Witham). The rocket guns went off. Eight army launched big attack in Italy yesterday. Where is Churchill? Believe the big three are meeting somewhere. Germany bombed today, Fortresses and Mosquitos.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

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