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Alwyne Diary
©2011 Heather Johnson
March 1944
21st Cold and dull. Heavy fighting in Cassino. Finland rejects Russia's peace terms. Dad set first lettuce seed and peas.
20th Rained a bit, feeling better now. Dad started digging. Americans have raided Frankfurt today. 6 bombers and 8 fighters missing. Russians have crossed Dniester into Bessarabia on 30 mile front. Germans take over in Hungary. Hull raided last night but little damage and no casualties. 8 shot down.
19th Bright intervals, cold North wind. Vera and I managed to walk about a bit in front garden. Over 1000 R.A.F. planes out last night. Frankfurt raided. 22 missing. Americans lost 42 bombers and 10 fighters and shot down 82 yesterday.
18th Nice day 54 degrees. My cold rather better. Mother better too, able to get up. Vera better but cough bad. Went down garden and had a look round. Dad swept and rolled lawn. Best news ever from Russia tonight. Dniester and Bessarabian reached. (Dniester and Bessarabia, Ukraine). Whole front in South shattered. Broadcast from London to Romania to get out of war. 750 Forts. and Libs. Attacked S. Germany today. Huge R.A.F. force gone out this evening.
17th Foggy morning but broke out nice mild sunny afternoon. Mother in bed all day with the cold. I have been feeling better. Warning 9.20 - 9.45 p.m. Mother had to get up but did not have anything happen. Americans shot down 125 yesterday and lost 13 fighters and 21 bombers.
16th Cold and dull and misty. I have got a new cold. Am going to give in. Can't go on like this. 8th this winter, 6th since Christmas. Vera still bad. Mother has got it coming. Biggest raid ever last night by R.A.F. Over 1,000 heavy bombers out, over 3,000 tons dropped. Stuttgart main target, 40 lost. Big American attack today. Warning 6.20 - 6.45 p.m.
15th Better day, sunny, frost. My cold getting better now. Vera's still bad. Brunswick raided today by Americans. 3 bombers and 5 fighters lost. 36 Germans shot down. Big attack opened on Cassino, 2500 tons of bombs dropped on the town today. (6th New Zealand Brigade attacked the Italian town of Cassino). Russians have crossed the Pang on wide front. (River Bug in Ukraine). Warning 8.55 - 9.25 p.m. Did not hear anything.
14th Cold. Vera still upstairs. Bad cough and stuffy. Ireland is isolated from rest of world to prevent leakage of information about 2nd front. Warning 9.55 - 11.35 p.m., heard quite a lot of gunfire but not very bad. Big fire raid on London. 13 shot down out of 100.
13th High wind. Went back to office. Vera kept upstairs all day. I burnt the milk trying to make supper. Nearly 1000 killed in raids in Feb. Worst since Blitz.
12th Dull but milder. Vera bad with the cold, stayed in bed all day. None of us went out. Doris brought us a pint of milk. (Doris Garling, cousin to Vera and Alwyne).
11th Cold. Had bad day. Got colic pain. Vera got the cold coming out. Mother had to go to bed to get out of way. Munster bombed today without opposition.
10th Dull again with cold N.E. wind. Feeling better but stayed at home. Americans only lost 7 out of 700 bombers in their raid on Berlin yesterday. No fighter opposition. Big Russian victories on Southern front. Whole of South front reported to be breaking up .
9th Cold and dull. Had a most dreadful night with my cold. Woke up at 11.30 and did not get to asleep again until 5. Terribly stuffy and mental. Been feeling ill all day. Bad Catarrh and pain in back. Did not know what to do about going to office. Went up on 9.30 bus and then wished I hadn't. Came home on 3.15. Don't suppose I shall go any more until Monday. Berlin bombed again today. 125 shot down in yesterdays attack. Americans lost 38 bombers and 15 fighters. Germans have made 10 serious raids on London recently. Heaviest 275 tons, 1700 tons altogether.
8th Still cold but sunny. My cold has come out bad today, been sneezing and blowing all afternoon. Had to send Mother to bed when I got home. 7th this winter, what shall I do. Another great American raid on Berlin today. 10,000 H.E.'s and 350,000 incends. Dropped. Escort of 1000 fighters. (High Explosives and incendiary bombs).

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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