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Alwyne Diary
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April 1945
25th Less cold. Mother sat out in shelter a little while. I had cup of tea there. Berlin encircled by Russians. Fanny came home from Braintree.
24th Severe frost. 8 degrees on ground in garden. Lot of strawberries gone. Laurels all brown, peas damaged. River Po reached in Italy.
23rd Still cold. 2 degrees frost covered up strawberries. Dr. Wirth called in evening and preached hour sermon. Black-out over. Fanny went to Braintree.
22nd Very cold 53 degrees. Russians have broken into Berlin. This is last night of blackout.
21st Thunder in night but no rain. Turned dull and cold, only 55 degrees. No sitting out. Set marrows. Russian shells falling in centre of Berlin. 6 raids on Berlin by Mosquitos.
20th Very warm 73 degrees. Warm evening. Had tea out every evening this week. Had orange sitting out in shelter at 8.30. Took bunch of tulips to office.
19th Brilliant day. Little cooler but sat out. Had tea out. Went to office without taking coat.
18th Summer day again 73 degrees. Cloudless day. Had my tea out. Mother sat out again until 7.30. Magdeburg captured. (Magdeburg, on the Elbe River, Germany). Tulips all out. Able to go about without a coat.
17th Another summer day 73 degrees. Had my tea out again and sat out till 7.45. Mother sat out 1 hours in p.m. and came out again after tea 6.20 - 7.30. Laura (Aunt Laura Garling) called in evening. Did not have any fire today. Heating ban started. Cut 1st lettuce.
16th Glorious day, sunny all day. 72 degrees. Mother went out for hour. Had my tea out and sat out until 7.30. Dr. Wirth called just before 9 and brought the X-ray report. Hurray, nothing wrong. Jiggens gave me some Chry. (..santhemum) Cuttings. Russians launch offensive against Berlin.
15th Wonderful day. Very warm 70 degrees. Sunny intervals. Mother came out for 1st time. Had shelter out 1st time. Mother sat out and hour. Got very hot in Chapel. German resistance stiffening. U.S. have withdrawn from one Elbe bridgehead.
14th What a day. Got up at 6 to get Mother ready for X ray. Got her heart bad at last moment and didn't know whether she could go. Rather a nippy morning. However she went off at 9 and got through it alright. Arrived home at 10.15 Resistance stiffening on Elbe before Berlin Garden looks wonderful. Mild day 63 degrees. Rained a little.
13th Glorious warm day. President Roosevelt dead. (Franklin D. Roosevelt died of a cerebral haemorrhage at Warm Springs, Georgia. Mr. Harry Truman, Vice-President, was sworn in as President). Big advances in Germany. Berlin only 50 miles. V day may come soon. Vienna captured by Russians.
12th Another glorious day. Went to Cantata. Wirth called at 8.45 p.m. and said X ray had been fived up for at 9 a.m. U.S. 9th Army over Elbe and only 60 miles from Berlin.
The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

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Heather Johnson

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