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Alwyne Diary
©2011 Heather Johnson
December 1944
9th Fine but cold. Vera's cold bad but we are not separating. At 12 last night we heard a terrific rocket. Loudest we have heard. The rumble afterwards was awful. Mother screamed and cried. Don't know where it was. It was at Layer.
8th Dull cold day. Big debate in Parliament on Greece. Heavy fighting in Athens. The doodle bug we heard stop last night glided on to Chelmsford and dropped near the Bishops. The Bishop is injured.
7th Fairly nice day. Heard huge rocket in night. 1350 R.A.F. planes bombed Germany last night. 20 lost. Raid just as I was sitting down to twat 6.30 - 7.10 p.m. Heard one doodle go along and one blow up. Lights nearly put out. George missing since 2 o'clock yesterday. Turned up at 9.30 ravenous and tore off again. Vera got a cold.
6th Sharp frost and fog. Civil war in Greece. British tanks in action in Athens. Heard big rockets in night. Dropped at Cold Norton and Woodham Ferrers.
5th Sunny all day. Raid 8.15 - 8.45 p.m. Bunch of doodles went over very low and near, heard 3 blow up. Georges eye better. Severe fighting in Athens. Big U.S. raid on Berlin. 1000 bomber raid by R.A.F.
4th Bright and cool. Warning 7.5 - 8.15 p.m. Heard nothing. George did not appear until 6 p.m. today. Then wanted to go away again. Serious political position in Greece. 4000 planes attacked Germany today. (When the Germans withdrew from Greece, the situation was critical. The British had been given control of the country by the Allies. They wanted the ELAS guerilla army to disband and surrender their weapons. On 03rd December 1944, a banned demonstration by Communist resistance forces took place and ended in battles with the Greek Government and British).
3rd Dull and mild 54 degrees. Heard about 6 rockets. Home Guard stood down.
2nd Bright and cool. Took George to Vets. Has given us some ointment for his eye. Heard some rockets. Picked some roses.
1st Dull and rather windy. Heard several rockets. 2000 tons on Duisburg last night, 4 missing. Mother had sick head.
November 1944
30th Fine and sunny. Not much news. George bad. Raids 19. Total 991. Went to bed early with bad pain.
29th Glorious fine mild sunny day. Lot of rockets. Big one this evening.
28th Wet day. Heavy fighting but not much change in position. Heavy raid on Germany last night, 3 missing. Mother had bad choking at night. Bus overturned at Kelvedon.
27th Fine day. Big explosion in Midlands. Many killed. (Explosion occurred at the Fauld Mine in Staffordshire. The mine produced gypsum for builders' plaster and, in 1937, the R.A.F. commandeered disused parts of the site. During WW2, 40,000 bombs were stockpiled there. The exact reason for the explosion is unclear. However, it has been claimed to be the biggest accidental blast in history. The shock was felt in Birmingham and heard at London etc. The mushroom cloud was seen 40 miles away and a huge creater was formed. 33 people died). 270 Lancasters bombed Munich early today and dropped 12,000 pounders without loss.
26th Sunny with white frost but rained in evening. Could hear rockets going off all day. Sang at communal. Georges eye bad.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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