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Alwyne Diary
©2011 Heather Johnson
October 1945
1st Dull again. No news about Chief Clerk yet. Firman says he must write to London about it. Fanny went to Southgate.
September 1945
30th Disappointing day. Dull and could not sit out. Mother came down garden for about 10 minutes.
29th Felt sick all morning and could not go to office. Pertwee's last day and all - I might have been made Chief Clerk. Lovely day. Cloudless sky 61 degrees. Put up shelter at 1.45 and all sat out until 5.45. Had tea on lawn. Forecast says this weather will last for several days.
28th Nice day. Had some cake in office and felt sick all evening. Vera violently sick in evening. Mr. Bultitude's presentation. Firman went and says he is going to tell Rose he wants me to start as Chief Clerk on Monday.
27th Better day, nice evening.
26th A little milder.
25th Cold again 54 degrees.
24th Very cold with strong North Wind and heavy showers. Started youth services. Mother had bad sick head.
23rd Cold north wind but sunny. Could not sit out. Fanny came to tea.
22nd Windy day but sunny after heavy shower in morning. Mother came down garden for about hour and we held old shack round her. Picked some of the Coxes. Could not get on early bus to come home. Took some photos of George V celebrations (?) in Collingwood Road. (HRM King George V - 1910-1936, crowned 22 June 1911. Many King George V Playing Fields were created in Great Britain after his death in 1936, by the King George's Fields Foundation. These were open space fields dedicated in memory of the king. One was in Lexden, off Clairmont Road. Money was raised locally and, together with a grant from the K.G.F.F., land was purchased. After the purchase, the land was handed over to the National Playing Fields Association to "preserve and safe-guard the land for the public benefit". When the K.G.F. Foundation was dissolved in 1965, there were 471 Fields all over the country. Strict covenants and conditions exist in order that the public will continue to benefit from these open spaces).
21st Fairly nice sunny day 65 degrees. Mother sat out for an hour on long path in old shelter.
20th Rainy day. Mother stayed in bed all day with heart pains.
19th Fairly sunny and warm again 70 degrees but rather windy. Mother sat out again but had to come in and go to bed with bad heart pains.
18th Another lovely day, warm and sunny 74 degrees. Mother sat out all day. Had couch out and stayed out until 7.5. I had my tea out and sat out until 7.30. Worked in office in shirt sleeves. Picked some lovely red Chrysanths.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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