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Alwyne Diary
©2011 Heather Johnson
July 1945
9th Warm. Came on to rain late evening.
8th Fine and warm. Sat out in garden all day.
7th Fine and warm. Went to see Dr. Has given me a tonic. Sat out in garden. Want some rain. Fan came home from Clacton.
6th Hot day 80 degrees. Came home very hot and tired. Am going to see Dr. tomorrow.
5th Lovely sunny afternoon and evening. Voting day. Vera put on her yellow jumper and we went up and voted for the liberal Capt. Routledge but he's got no chance of getting in. Not a car going about for him.
4th Dull and cool. Vera did not got to Clacton after all. Turned up ill at last moment. Dad went over to Bergholt with Dick and he gave him some peas. Went up Collingwood Road in evening and heard Capt. Smith the Labour candidate make a speech. (Charles George Percy Delacourt-Smith, won the 1945 Colchester Constituency Election - represented the constituency until 1950. Also General Secretary of the Post Office Engineering Union 1953-1972 and Minister of State for Technology 1969-1970. During WW2, served with the Royal Engineers and, then, on being promoted to Captain served with the Royal Army Service Corps. Added "Delacourt" by Deed Poll in 1967. Created a Life Peer: Baron Delacourt-Smith of New Windsor in 1967. Died at Windsor in 1972).
3rd Lovely warm afternoon and evening. Got my pain bad. Should go to Dr. in morning but Vera is going to Clacton for day.
2nd Dull day. Dad went to Braintree for day.
1st Very windy. Sunny in afternoon and mother came down garden for about half an hour. Thunderstorm in evening.
June 1945
30th Bright morning but dull cool afternoon and wet evening. Feeling better so did not go to Dr. after all. Could not sit out. Mother just managed to come down garden. Fanny (Major) went to Clacton for week's holiday.
29th Dull and cool. Have decided to go and see Dr. in morning.
28th Dull and cool. Still feeling ill with pain.
27th Still cool and unsettled but no rain.
26th Dull and cooler. Want some rain. Dad had big bon-fire.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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