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Alwyne Diary
©2011 Heather Johnson
June 1945
1st Still cool. No sitting out. Mother had Dr. again for her leg. Says she has got to keep in on the move. French order ceasefire in Syria.
May 1945
31st Still cool. The Commander-in-Chief , Middle East, has been instructed to intervene in Syria. Churchill has sent not to De Gaulle asking him to order French troops back to barracks.
30th Cool. Cleaning dining room, had sweep. George's hair coming off all over. He seems quite ill. Fighting has broken out in Syria. (Before WW2, France had an officially recognised mandate over Syria. During WW2, in Syria, there were confrontations between French troops loyal to the Vichy Government/Germans and Free French troops allied to the British. In 1941, the British Army and French allies occupied Syria and promised full independence after the war. The French were reluctant to fulfil this promise and, on 29th May 1945, French troops attacked the Syrian Parliament building in Damascas. Anger and demonstrations occurred. The matter was discussed by the United Nations Security Council and it was decreed that the French should leave Syria. The last French soldier left Syria on 17 April 1946 and this day became Syria's National Day).
29th Better day. Nice evening. George got bad bald patches.
28th Cold and rainy. Cleaned Mother's room. Haw Haw captured.
27th Too damp and cool to sit out.
26th Wet cold day. Could not do much.
25th There was a frost in night but not much. Better day but wet evening.
24th Cold. Frost warning. Looks like being bad. Have had a rare job covering up tomatoes etc. Himmler has been captured by British and has committed suicide. (Heinrich Himmler - Senior Nazi and leader of the S.S., or Schutzstaffel, and Gestapo. Overseer of the concentration and extermination camps . Committed suicide by cyanide vial, which he had hidden in his mouth).
23rd Rain, hail and thunder at Chelmsford. Dad repairing kitchen floor. Govt. resigns. Gen. election to be held on July 5th.
22nd Fairly nice day. Dad got wood to mend kitchen floor.
21st Whit. Mon. Nice sunny morning, sat out in shelter but dull and cool for rest of day. Set out tomatoes from Theo's and Buggs. Set 4 rows of Beet. Took up tulips and set of geraniums. General election expected soon. Took some photos of George as he seems ill and may be going to die.
20th Heavy rain in afternoon. George got something the matter with his fur.
19th Had a holiday. Very cold dull day with east wind. Broke out sunny and warmer in evening. Mother could not come out. George got his ear torn.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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