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Alwyne Diary
©2011 Heather Johnson
October 1940
9th Heard some big bombs in evening before siren. Dropped at Feering.
8th Nice day. No sirens.
7th Had a lovely quiet night. Nice sunny day. Had 5 sirens at Chelmsford, only one here. Dad got the cold. Had a bad raid at night. 12.30 - 4.30. Heard several bombs. Some dropped near the Military Hospital (now demolished, once stood opposite Abbey Field on Circular Road South).
6th Dull wet day. Heard some planes about & some bombs. Siren went for hr. during afternoon.
5th Not bad day. Had 3 warnings this morning at Chelmsford. Found machine gun bullet on lawn. Had bad raid at night. Bombs dropping all over the place - nearest at Middlewick.
4th Essex Telegraph on fire. No sirens today but a Jerry circled round Chelmsford 3 times. Saw it plainly, very low. Mother got my cold.
3rd Dull wet day. Cold still rather bad. Another bomb dropped at Colchester by lone raider. Chamberlain resigns from Cabinet. 3 girls killed at Old Heath Laundry & 2 people in house.
2nd Jerry plane machine gunned us. Bullet through Shepard's roof. Bomb dropped at Vint Crescent (Lexden Road & Maternity Home Wash House).
1st Had a lot of planes over in night. Siren on from 8 o/c - 4 o/c. Cold bad.
September 1940
30th Got a cold. Had some planes over at night but no siren. Cold day. N.E. wind.
29th Had siren at 11 o/c just as we were going to Chapel. Nice quiet night last night.
28th Cold N. wind. Had a lovely quiet night last night, did not have to get up at all. Majors went to Maplestead. (Evacuation).
27th Big mass raids. Had 3 warnings at Chelmsford. 133 shot down - 34 of ours lost. Japan signs pact with Germany & Italy.
26th Cold day. Had a 10 min. siren at Chelmsford. Had a lot of bombs dropped at night but no warning. Went to shelter.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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