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Alwyne Diary
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February 1945
23rd Wet afternoon. Had a rocket drop at Chelmsford this afternoon at 5 o'clock. Fell at Rainsford Road. Made no end of a bang. Cannons window broken. Germans say big offensive has started. Between 8,000 and 9,000 planes took part in yesterdays railway attacks.
22nd Fine 50 degrees. Biggest air attack of war on German railways today by 6000 planes. 14,000 500lb bombs dropped. 39 of 100 R.A.F. bombers lost last night.
21st Fine day. 1200 R.A.F. attacked Germany last night, 20 lost. 1200 U.S. heavies out today. Not much happening. Felt sick in night and got up and got myself some soda.
20th Lovely day, sunny. Dr. came this evening for last time. Had loud rocket this afternoon at Ingatestone. 2 this evening. Went for walk this evening.
19th Mild again 59 degrees. Churchill home from Crimea. Looking for Dr.
18th Glorious spring day 60 degrees. (62 in London). Warmest February day this century. Got right hot and tired. Went for walk after tea.
17th Mild but dull. Went for walk, swept lawn. Japan still being attacked. Had a very loud rocket at Chelmsford this morning.
16th Dull and cold and misty. 1000 U.S. heavies out again today. 1500 Carrier Aircraft have attacked Japan today.(USS Hornet's planes attacked Tokyo). Have just heard 2 big rockets. George got all sooty again.
15th Foggy, fine and sunny in afternoon. Record air blows on Germany. 1300 R.A.F. bombers out last night. Nearly million incendiaries on Chemnitz. 1300 U.S. heavies out today.(Chemnitz, Germany - contained factories making military goods and an oil refinery. This was the first bombing raid on the city but, because of cloud, most of the bombs dropped on open countryside. The WW2 bombings left most of the city in ruins. It was encompassed into East Germany).
14th Lovely sunny day. Had 3 big rockets this afternoon and others today as well. 1400 R.A.F. bombers over Germany last night and only 6 lost. 800 attacked Dresden and dropped 650,000 incendiaries. 1,350 U.S. heavies been out today, 450 of them to Dresden again.
13th Mild, turned nice and sunny in afternoon. Dr. came for 3rd visit this evening. Russians capture Budapest. (Capital of Hungary. Prior to 1919, Hungary had been part of the Austrian-Hungarian empire. It's said that, after WW1, the country was punished more than Germany. After 1933, Germany began to grow more powerful and Hungary was a natural ally to Germany). George on rampage. Huge rocket at to 4 this morning. Fred said it was at Bures. Big bombardment this afternoon, one at Kelvedon.
12th Turned very mild. 55 degrees. Lot of rockets, very big one this evening. Been expecting Dr. Montys troops have captured Cleve. (Kleve, North Rhine, Germany). Held up by the mud. Late news. Big Three Crimea Conference over. Fate of Germany sealed. All military power to be destroyed.
11th Frost but turned to wet day. Mother a little better. Russians have forced Oder North of Breslau. (Oder = river rising in the Czech Republic and flowing through Western Poland, later forming the border between Poland and Germany). Georges birthday, has been good boy and stayed at home until evening.
10th Rather cold, heavy snowstorm after tea. Dr. made surprise call in evening. Mother still very ill. Montys troops have reached the Rhine, 3000 prisoners taken. Keep hearing a lot of rockets. Has just been a big one this evening.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

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