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Alwyne Diary
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June 1942
24th Much cooler. Vera getting better. Germans massing for attack on Egypt. Raid in night 12.35 - 12.55 a.m.
23rd Hot day 83 degrees. Vera turned bad in morning. Sent card to Clarice to say could not go to Braintree tomorrow. Had sweep. (Chimney Sweep).
22nd Nice day. Fall of Tobruk confirmed. Vera got a cold. Cleaning dining-room.
21st Lovely day. Had tea out. Bad news from Egypt. Tobruk was attacked yesterday and defences pierced. Germans say garrison has surrendered.
20th Nice sunny day but rather cool wind. Sat out on big lawn until 9. Took up 2 roots of own potatoes. Germans have turned back from Egyptian Frontier.
19th Better day but still cool and dull. Broke out sunny in evening and we sat out on lawn. Bought some peas at office. We have withdrawn to Libya frontier and second siege of Tobruk has begun. Churchill has arrived in Washington to discuss second front.
18th Dull and cool. Our forces in Libya being withdrawn to the Egyptian frontier.
17th A little better day. Quite ice warm evening. Went to Culver St. Convention with Vera. (At Methodist Church?). Picking some very nice strawberries.
16th Cold day. Still having fires. Not much news.
15th Dull cold day. Rained a little in evening. Big hailstorm at Marks Tey last night. Roofs and ground covered when I went along this morning. Very bad news from Libya. Looks as though we have lost the big battle there. Our tank casualties have been very heavy and the battle has reached a serious climax.
14th Quite a nice day, sat out on lawn all afternoon. Thunderstorm came up in evening and lasted about 2 hours. I ran home under umbrella and Dad took Vera a mac. Picked a few strawberries. Fierce tank battle going on in Libya.
13th Little better day, but too cold to sit out. Staked the tomatoes. Set cucumber pips. Went to see Doctor.
12th Cold. Wet but not much rain. N.E. wind. Glad to draw round a big fire in evening. New tank battle in Libya.
11th Very cool. East wind. There was white frost this morning. Pertwee has lost his marrows. Our forces have withdrawn from Bir Hakein. (Remote oasis in the Libyan desert). Dad went to Q.M. held at Lexden. We managed to sit out in shelter a little while. Britain and Russia have signed 20 year Treaty. Agreement reached on 2nd Front in 1942.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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