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Alwyne Diary
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December 1945
31st Cold and foggy. Went back to office.
30th Cold with white frost but lovely and sunny. Stayed in all day. Hitler's will found. (Arnold Weiss, a German-born U.S. counter-intelligence officer in WW2, found Hitler's last will and testament. Weiss and his team tracked down Nazi aide Wilhelm Zander who had been in Hitler's bunker in the last days of the war. Zander had left the bunker as a courier, carrying an important envelope shortly before Hitler committed suicide - he had hidden it in a dry well on a farm on the outskirts of Munich. Zander took Weiss to the farm and the envelope was retrieved - inside was the will and the marriage certificate of Hitler and Eva Braun.
29th Heavy rain in night but nice fine day. Feeling a bit better today. Had a chicken for dinner that we had saved over from Christmas. Could not taste it.
28th Cold day, rainy at first then turned to heavy snow with strong N. wind. Laid partly. Came out nice and fine in the afternoon. Feeling very ill and weak. Mother got up. Hilda went home.
27th Mild day. Still feeling very weak. Mother in bed all day. Could not go back to the office.
26th Boxing Day. Feeling a little better today. Had the presents this afternoon. Vera got bad cold. Mother turned bad with the flu this evening and had to go off to bed. Lovely mild sunny day.
25th Christmas Day. Feeling a little better, sickness gone. Got up just before dinner. Managed to eat a little bit of chicken but could not taste it. Was not well enough to get the presents ready and have them. Mother and Vera have got it coming too.
24th Terrible disappointment. Ill in bed all day with flu. Woke up at 4 o'clock feeling bad. Sick all day. Could not eat or drink anything all day. Mother and Vera think they have got it too. Hilda and Fan called in afternoon.
23rd Mild but very damp. Hilda came in to see us in morning. Conducted very successful Carol Service in evening. George has not been seen all day. Hope he has not got lost for Christmas.
22nd Dull wet day. Spent all morning covering work box to give Mother for Christmas. Got 2 chickens for Christmas after all. Had the beef to-day. Hilda came for Christmas.
21st Mild again. Finished up tonight for Christmas. Hurray! Home until next Thursday. Had dinner to-day with a man with a bad cold. Hope I shan't catch it.
20th Mild and unsettled. Tried everywhere to get Vera some hankies. Dad got a lot more briars.
19th Still continuing mild. We may get landed with 3 chickens for Christmas after all.
18th Still mild. Dreadful job trying to get Christmas presents. Very busy, came home on late bus.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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