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Alwyne Diary
©2011 Heather Johnson
August 1945
3rd Hot sunny day. Mother out in garden for 10 hours without coming in. Clarice went back to Braintree and took Fanny with her.
2nd Lovely warm sunny day. Vera and Clarice went to Clacton to find lodgings for Easeys holiday.
1st Dull and cool. Clarice came in evening.
July 1945
31st Dull and cool, not much happening.
30th Dull and rather cool. Went back to office.
29th Nice warm day. Sat out in shelter.
28th Lovely day. Went to Clacton with Dad. He turned up ill while we were waiting for bus to come home. Atlee goes to Berlin instead of Ch'hill.
27th Cool day, after wet night. Cancelled trip to Clacton. Went to town with Vera. Peace terms have been offered to Japan but have been turned down.
26th Dull and cool. Intended taking Dad to Clacton but put it off till tomorrow. Went to town and had hair cut. Came out sunny at teatime and had tea out. Election results declared today. Sensational Labour gains. Churchill Govt. heavily defeated. Labour got 395 seats. Libs only 10. Capt. Smith, Lab. gets in at Colchester with 2464 maj. over Os. Lewis. (Oswald Lewis, Conservative Member of Parliament for Colchester 1929-1945).
25th Went to Clacton again. Rather dull but very still. Had lovely day. Had to queue up hour for bus to come home but got into a small special and got home in hour.
24th Lovely day 78 degrees. Sat in garden all day.
23rd Glorious summer day, over 80 degrees. Not a cloud in the sky all day. Went to Clacton with Vera on the bus. Had a lovely time. Came home very burnt up and hot.
22nd Windy but warm. Sat out in afternoon. Dad went to Heddles funeral service in afternoon. Picked first tomatoes and cucumber.
21st Warm 80 degrees. Fine. Spent day in garden.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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